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Wormhole - 0.1.1-1

4.20/5 (25 投票数).

to edit preferences and enter your custom information, you must install the package PreferenceLoader from

0.1.1 changelog: (0.1.1-1 fixes icon size in Settings)

- cut down package size in half by using local images!

- attempted to add support for darkmodes like Ogygia & Noctis, feedback appreciated!

- added two new buttons, one on the Airplane mode toggle & one on the Low Power mode toggle (need CCLowPower from ca13ra1)

- follow me @candoizo for updates on all my packages / teasers


0.1.0 - the wormhole update!

This is the evolution of my original tweak Springtime, it adds some cooler features ! You can still find my old tweak springtime on github

 example of bookmark below!



take some crazy portals using the force!!


This tweak adds some nifty toggles to your control center buttons, more to come soon! Customisation options of new toggles will be made available in their following updates usually.


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